13th. Edition of ZONA MACO

Posted on February - 9 - 2016

Zona Maco is fast becoming one of the most important events in the international cultural circuit. Here is a short overview of the fair´s highlights.

Founded by Zélika García in 2002 and hosted in Centro Banamex, Zona Maco is becoming one of the world´s most important art fairs and possibly the biggest in Latin America. Yearly it welcomes approximately 123 galleries from 12 different countries and over 1500 artist, whom more than 30% are Mexican.  

This year the art fair was divided in five sections: The General section curated by Stefani Bortolami, Ben Loveless and Patricia Ortíz Monasterio; New Proposals section curated by Humberto Moro, ZsONA MACO Sur curated by João Mourão and Luis SilvaModern Art and Design. 

While there were international heavyweight galleries such as David Zwirner, Gagosian, Mai 36 and local important venues like Kurimanzutto, Labor, OMR, there were also galleries form other Latin-American countries such as Document Art from Argentina, Galería Patria Ready from Chile, RGR+ART from Venezuela and The 9.99 Gallery from Guatemala. 


Installations view of Andréhn-Schiptkenko’s booth. Photo courtesy of Andréhn-Schiptkenko. 

Some of the boldest and most stimulating booths were presented in the Zona Maco Sur Section. Of these mind bending and visually stimulating displays we can name Debora Delmar (who shows under the moniker Debora Delmar Corp) in the ldt los angeles both, Carlos Amorales with kurimanzutto, Xavier Wilhan with Andréhn-Schiptjenko, the Costa Rican artist Federico Herrero in Sies & Höke and Mexican Tania Candiani in Verhmelho. 


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Parque Galerías in the New Proposal Sections gained much attention when they exhibited “El Excusado”, the first collaboration between Santiago Serra and Yoshua Okón, depicting a toilette with the shape of the Museum Soumaya that was still being installed when the art fair opened its doors.

In this year’s 13th. edition of Zona Maco there were a great variety of galleries displaying relevant artists whose quality work is on the level of ambition of international standards, so it would appear that Zona Maco is fast becoming one of the most important events in the international cultural circuit. 

By: Gabriela Martínez