Scoop Art is the leading Online Art Gallery of Contemporary Latin American artworks. With years of experience of representing collectors worldwide, we have become a favorite destination for collectors and first-time art buyers looking for unique pieces.

In Scoop Art, we make choosing and buying great pieces of art easy, placing artworks exhibited worldwide at your fingertips. Art collecting has never been easier.

Browse timeless pieces in a range of prices and connect with our personal art advisors free of charge, who will help you find the perfect artwork for your space, style, and budget for your art collection. You can receive updates on your favorite artists and upcoming exhibitions.

Art is an investment, and Scoop Art’s carefully selected pieces can help you build a collection and personal portfolio of artists that will become timeless in the years to come. In Scoop Art we visit our artists’ studios and select them based on the quality of their work and long-term creative potential.

about our chief curator

Maria José Escobar, Scoop Art’s own Director and Chief Curator of Latin America Contemporary Art. With over 7 years of experience working with emerging artists, the Guatemalan holds a degree in graphic design and advertising, as well as a Master’s degree in marketing and a specialization in Contemporary Art. An artist herself, Maria José loves working with artists that have a strong passion for their craft so that each piece she selects for Scoop Art is unique and not mass produced.

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