Alejandro Medina

Transfigurations 2

TECHNIQUE Digital and Analogue Collage, Print on Cotton Paper
YEAR 2014

EDITION 2 SIZE 39.4 H x 30 W in
SIZE CM 100 H x 76 W cm
PRICE $1120

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The series Transfigurations is the result of repetitive collage. Magazine cut outs are collaged by hand, photographed and then collaged digitally. The digital collage is then printed out and goes through the same process two or three times. The physicality of the process is a means of adding life into the original photographs of inanimate objects. The collage activates these objects through the physical cutting, pasting and rearranging. The idea being to comment on the "life" that these inanimate objects have, guns and other power symbols. That although "lifeless" can come to play active roles under certain conditions. 

Transfigurations was awarded an honorable mention at Juannio 2014, Latin American Art Auction.


Born in Guatemala. Lives and works in Los Angeles, United States.

Alejandro Medina is a multidisciplinary architect and artist interested in geometrical abstraction, plant morphology and the ephemerality of nature. He recently graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles. Building on his studies of architecture, 3D visualization and photography his work lies between the crossing points of different mediums (in a constant interchange between 2D and 3D worlds, the digital and analog). Approaching art-making as science, his process often involves multiple layers of research, the implementation of emergent technologies and a concern for material investigation. Medina primarily draws inspiration from his childhood encounters with nature. Born and raised in Guatemala City, he grew up very close to the natural world. He is especially interested in the morphological peculiarities that occur under extreme environmental conditions. In the case of Guatemala: the tropics (environments such as the rainforest and coral reef). Intrinsic in his work is a sense of curiosity for ones surroundings; as well as a desire to unveil the unexpected interconnections occurring within nature (more importantly how humans begin to relate). Medina’s practice is informed by the work and visual language of naturalists; especially the explorers, botanists and cartographers that sought to document the “New World.”

After various years of living abroad he recently relocated back to Guatemala. In order to open a studio space and further develop his projects. Medina’s work continues to delve into the inherent, yet often times complicated relationship between humans, architecture and nature.



Bachelor of Architecture; University of Southern California (Cum Laude) (2018) 

Barcelona Study Abroad Program; La Salle University (2016)


Awards & Honors

2018 - Discovery Scholar Recognition & Prize Recipient; University of Southern California; Global Scholar Recognition; University of Southern California; Tau Sigma Delta, Fine Art & Architecture Honor Society Medal Recipient; Quincy Jones Merit Scholarship for Exceptional Promise in Architecture.

2017 - William and Neoma Timme Traveling Fellowship; University of Southern California; Julius Shulman Emerging Talent Award (Runner Up); Los Angeles Building Council.

2016- Thom Mayne Traveling Fellowship; University of Southern California

2015 - Gensler/USC Architectural Guild Scholarship; University of Southern California

2013 - Presidential Merit Scholarship Recipient; University of Southern California


Atlantic Center for the Arts Residency w/ Catherine Opie (upcoming)

Selected Exhibitions

2018 - Des/Dibujando. Galeria EXTRA. Guatemala City, Guatemala; Latin American Pavilion, Taipei Photography Festival. Taipei, Taiwan; Juannio, Museo Ixchel del Traje Indígena. Guatemala City, Guatemala.

2017 - Project Room: Mapping Crisis. Galeria EXTRA. Guatemala City, Guatemala; Forma, Materia. Galeria EXTRA. Guatemala City, Guatemala.

2016 - Jardín: Experimentos en Tecnología, Arte y Diseño. Fundación Guatemala City, Guatemala; Colectiva de Arte Junkabal. Homenaje a Rubén Darío. Guatemala City, Guatemala.

2015 - Cloudsmoke Installation. Doheny Library, University of Southern California. Los Angeles, USA; Commission for the Writing Center, University of Southern California. Los Angeles, USA; Colectiva de Arte Junkabal. Guatemala City, Guatemala; Juannio, Museum of Modern Art Carlos Mérida. Guatemala City, Guatemala.

2014 - Central American Art Exhibition, Fundación Rozas Botrán. Miami, USA; Pingyao International Photography Festival. Pingyao, China; Colectiva de Arte Junkabal. Guatemala City, Guatemala; Mutación: Miradas de Artistas desde América Central, Dos Mares. Marseille, France; For the Arts, Fototropía. Guatemala City, Guatemala; Juannio, Museum of Modern Art Carlos Mérida. Guatemala City, Guatemala; Future Projections, Auckland Festival of Photography. Auckland, New Zealand; Huéspedes del Presente, Centro Centro, Palacio de Cibeles. Madrid, Spain.

2013 - Latin American Pavilion, Wuhan Museum. Wuhan, China; Adventures Across the Seven Seas, Photoville. Brooklyn, USA; Adventures Across the Seven Seas, Southampton Center for the Arts. Southampton Village, USA; Pingyao International Photography Festival. Pingyao, China; Geográfica, Fototropía. Guatemala City, Guatemala.

2012 - Latitudes, Guatephoto. Guatemala City, Guatemala; Geometría, Photoville. Brooklyn, USA; Adentro/Afuera, Galería Incubador. Guatemala City, Guatemala.

2011 - Nueva Generación, Cantón Expo. Guatemala City, Guatemala.

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