Alfredo Ceibal


TECHNIQUE Mixed over Paper
YEAR 2014 - 2015

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“An unexplainable need to find a new way of seeing all of reality dominated my spirit during the mid-eighties in New York City. I was surrounded by the very active artistic movement which took place in this post-modern era. It was then that I began a thorough and continuous search for my own creative identity. The powerful hand of fate and my having been favored by time brought me to where I’d always dreamed of being: in an imperial city enthralled by its own freedom. It was as if I’d left one dream to enter another, and still others – all the while reaching out for a solid point of lucidity and consciousness. To resort to art in order to give my life a new rationale; to utilize any material resources at hand to manipulate them is perhaps my only path towards an encounter with truth and love. Fortunately, growing up in Guatemala gave me the privilege of living, both literally and figuratively, over the vast realm of Pre-Columbian cultures where color and light reign and where life is a theatre of unrehearsed glories and tragedies. I feel it was the complexity of these textures that prepared me for the challenge of this quest.” —Alfredo Ceibal                


Lives and works in Guatemala City.



2011 – LUX, Proyecto Ultravioleta, Guatemala.

2010 – TIEMPO PRESTADO:  Arte Actual Galeria El Tunel, Guatemala.

2009 – Galeria Sol del Rio Arte Contemporanea, Guatemala.       

2006 – Galeria Arte la Fabrica, Guatemala.

2004 – Naomi Silva Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA; Wild Sduction Gallery, Miami, FL, USA.       

2003 – ARTIFICIOS, Sol del Río Arte Contemporánea, Guatemala.

2002 – OASIS, Generous Miracles Gallery, NYC, USA.

2001 – THE HOUSE OF GLANCES, Mackey Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA.

2000 – Taller Boricua, Centro Cultural Julia de Burgos, USA.

1999 – Malca Fine Art, NYC, USA.

1998 – Kravets/Wehby Gallery, NYC, USA.

1997 – “AMOR PERFECTO,” Galeria Sol del Río Arte Contemporánea, Guatemala.

1996 – “LAS CAUSAS DEL FUEGO INTERIOR,” Galería Nina Menocal, Mexico City.

1993 – EL FUEGO INVISIBLE, Arte Actual Mexicano, Monterrey, NL; Mexico.

1992 – MORIR SOÑANDO, Anderson Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth University. Richmond, VI, USA.

1990 – Dale Travis Associates, NYC, USA; DREAMS AND DAYDREAMS, The Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

1988 – ECOS DEL SUR,BACA Downtown, Brooklyn, NY, USA; Drawing Exhibition, Departamento de Cultura, ‘Subte-Arte’, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1987 – The TRIPLEXX, BMCC, NYC, USA; Ollantay Center for the Arts, Queens, NY, USA.

1986 – O.K. Harris South, Works of Art, Miami, FL, USA; INTAR Latin American Gallery, NYC, USA.

1984 – “NIGHT MOODS,” Latin American Workshop, NYC, USA.



The New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority, NY, USA.

The Smithsonian Institution´s National Museum of American Art, Washington, D.C. USA.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Long Beach, CA, USA.

The New York City Borad of Education, NYC, USA.

The Absolut Vodka Collection, NYC, USA.

The New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Arts for Transit/ Poster´s Collection, USA.

The Center for Contemporary Art and Culture, Osaka, Japan.

Joyce and Seward Johnso, Princeton, NJ, USA.

Luis Miguel y Diana de Castillo, Guatemala. 

Anabela y Fernando Paiz, Miami, FL, USA.                                                                                                      

The Progressive Corporation, Denver, CO, USA.

Instituto Neurologico, Guatemala Ciudad.

Jonathan Selechnik, Guatemala, Ciudad.

William Bickford, Guatemala.

Maria Sahra Aguirre, Guatemala.                                                                                                                      

Museo del Barrio, NYC, USA.                               

The Bronx Museum of the Arts, NYC, USA.

Penny McCall, NYC, USA.

Liliana Sada, VITRO, Monterrey, NL, Mexico.

MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey, NL, Mexico.

Generoso Villareal Garza, NYC, USA

Milagros Maldonado, NYC, USA.

Liliana Porter, NYC, USA.

Mauricio Fernandez, Monterrey, NL, Mexico.

Lucy Lippard, NYC, USA.

Diego Sada, Monterrey, NL, Mexico.

Richard Gott, London, UK.

Dr. Alexander Ellenberg, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA, USA.

Al William, Drug Emporium, Pharmacy Operations, Richardson, Texas, USA.

Wendy Cohen, Hellander Gallery, Palm Beach, FL, USA.

The New York City Health and Hospital Corporation, Belleview, NYC, USA.

Banco de Ponce, NY, USA.

Annheuser Busch Companies, St. Louis, MO, USA.

Inverna Lockpez, INTAR, Latin American Gallery, NYC, USA.

Alice Zimmerman Saturn Gallery, Nashville, TN, USA.

Sigrid Freundofer Fine Art, NYC, USA.

The City of New York, Cumberland NFCC, Brooklyn, NY, USA 

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