Alfredo Ceibal

Formas de Vida Unicelulares en Encelado

TECHNIQUE Mixed over Paper
YEAR 2015

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Microorganisms Series

Since its inception humanity has set Gaze into the depths of outer space in search of ways of life and, more recently, communication decisively. This concern has become part of contemporary life due to a number of reasons ranging from the need to leave the planet Earth by the accelerated environmental-biological deterioration, to catastrophic cosmic eventualities that would erase human existence in terms of a few hours. And urged concerned, the scientific community has warned of the impending dangerous and irreversible damage to life on the planet; consequently, has initiated a series of plans and measures very seriously committed to explore, study, through probes and telescopes, the moons and planets of our system, which will eventually be colonized by the human race. Some of these heavenly bodies show signs and hopes to have water, but most, if not all, have also shown highly hostile environments and activities for life as we know it, except the extremophile creatures. The pictorial series, Microorganisms, made because of these concerns, suggests that on celestial bodies the nearby outer space there are no beings as our taste imagined, but merely microscopic life, according to complex chemical that each of the heavenly bodies have and hostel, rocky or gaseous. It is known that where there is water, there is life, but microscopic life that neighbor will take millions of years to evolve in friendly ways we like to see. Additionally, if you ever come biological or artificial intelligent visitors to our planet from cosmic depths, perhaps millions of light years, it will not be a pleasant experience as we wish. Most likely, as Stephen W. Hawkin estimated, it will be as a history of hostile conquest and ruthless, as lived by the natives of the Americas when they were invaded, conquered and exterminated by invading entities. Finally, if my calculations do not go wrong, patterns of necessity and opportunism for survival and the preservation of the species or artificial life, are repeated by the infinite universes, as has happened here on earth, this being a particle dust in the infinite everything. – Alfredo Ceibal – 2016


Lives and works in Guatemala City.



2011 – LUX, Proyecto Ultravioleta, Guatemala.

2010 – TIEMPO PRESTADO:  Arte Actual Galeria El Tunel, Guatemala.

2009 – Galeria Sol del Rio Arte Contemporanea, Guatemala.       

2006 – Galeria Arte la Fabrica, Guatemala.

2004 – Naomi Silva Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA; Wild Sduction Gallery, Miami, FL, USA.       

2003 – ARTIFICIOS, Sol del Río Arte Contemporánea, Guatemala.

2002 – OASIS, Generous Miracles Gallery, NYC, USA.

2001 – THE HOUSE OF GLANCES, Mackey Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA.

2000 – Taller Boricua, Centro Cultural Julia de Burgos, USA.

1999 – Malca Fine Art, NYC, USA.

1998 – Kravets/Wehby Gallery, NYC, USA.

1997 – “AMOR PERFECTO,” Galeria Sol del Río Arte Contemporánea, Guatemala.

1996 – “LAS CAUSAS DEL FUEGO INTERIOR,” Galería Nina Menocal, Mexico City.

1993 – EL FUEGO INVISIBLE, Arte Actual Mexicano, Monterrey, NL; Mexico.

1992 – MORIR SOÑANDO, Anderson Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth University. Richmond, VI, USA.

1990 – Dale Travis Associates, NYC, USA; DREAMS AND DAYDREAMS, The Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

1988 – ECOS DEL SUR,BACA Downtown, Brooklyn, NY, USA; Drawing Exhibition, Departamento de Cultura, ‘Subte-Arte’, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1987 – The TRIPLEXX, BMCC, NYC, USA; Ollantay Center for the Arts, Queens, NY, USA.

1986 – O.K. Harris South, Works of Art, Miami, FL, USA; INTAR Latin American Gallery, NYC, USA.

1984 – “NIGHT MOODS,” Latin American Workshop, NYC, USA.



The New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority, NY, USA.

The Smithsonian Institution´s National Museum of American Art, Washington, D.C. USA.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Long Beach, CA, USA.

The New York City Borad of Education, NYC, USA.

The Absolut Vodka Collection, NYC, USA.

The New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Arts for Transit/ Poster´s Collection, USA.

The Center for Contemporary Art and Culture, Osaka, Japan.

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The City of New York, Cumberland NFCC, Brooklyn, NY, USA 

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