Cristina Hauk

Circular al Blue

TECHNIQUE Draft and Pasted Paper
YEAR 2015


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Geometric figures allow me to work freely with simple shapes, and by repeating them, they become complex. This helps me to combine shape and color in a way where the figures seem to dance, and this represents for me the possibility of change, change that is perceived by tiny movements. 

Just as it occurs in human relationships, where self and other have a mutual influence, mainly for the construction of our inner self, providing we give ourselves the opportunity of letting ourselves be taken by the differences that may arise in interchanging relationship. All this is symbolized in color and its variations, in the simple shapes that are repeated and lead to the creation of an optical universe.

Divergence, concordance, the possibility of movement and change, it all depends where the observer is looking from.

This is an invitation for all to participate actively. Without the other, change is not possible at all. 


Lives and works in Argentina.

She attended workshops with artist masters, Juan Doffo, Rossy Simkin and Laura Messing.



From 1988 to date, she held various exhibitions, participated in national and international art fairs, and was selected in several competitions.

International Fairs: ArtCartagena Fair – Scope Basel, Switzerland – Scope Miami – Miami International Art – Hampton Art Fair – San Diego Art Fair – Cha.Co Chile Contemporary Art – Art Américas Fair Miami.

National Fairs: ArteBa 2013 – Expotrastienda 2008/2007



2014 – Geometrical -Center Cultural Metaphor San Martin

2010 –  Gallery Ophen “Who whom”.

2009 –  Art Consortium “Devenir-is”. Centro Cultural Borges

2007 –  “The redefined abstraction.” Etc.



Palais de Glace “Subject / Paper / Object”

1/1 Box Art: “Organic Geometry”. B / N Carla Rey Contemporary Art

“Rock / Paper” joint exhibit Buenos Aires / Austria.

Participation in installation “or the petal of a rose” Bogota, Colombia

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes of General Roca (Río Negro), among others.



LXXXIX Salón de Mayo Museo Rosa Galisteo, Santa Fe  – V Premio Banco Central – IV Bienal de Rafaela – 2do. Concurso Provincial de Pintura del Consejo de Agrimensura de Buenos Aires – LXXXVIII Salón de Mayo Museo Rosa Galisteo, Santa Fe – XII Salón Nacional de Dibujo y Grabado de Entre Ríos – Premio Benito Quinquela Martín – X Bienal de Arte de la Universidad de Morón –  I Salón Nacional de Pintura de Río Negro, III Salón Nacional UADE – Salón Manuel Belgrano – Bienal Thag – XVIII y XX  Salón Nacional de General Pico –  IX, X y XII Salón de Avellaneda (Pcia. de Santa Fe) – IX ,X Salón del Pequeño Formato Quinta Trabucco – Salón Nacional Avon 2009, etc. 

Jurado del Premio Itau – Artes Visuales – 2014/15 

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