Eny Roland Hernández

San Juan Diego

TECHNIQUE Inkjet printing paper. Hannemühle fine art. Photo Rag Baryta 100% cotton of 315 grams
YEAR 2013

EDITION 5 SIZE 35.4 H x 23.6 W in
SIZE CM 90 H x 60 W cm
PRICE $1100

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The series of San Juan Diego brings together all the traditional iconography of the saint, in this photograph, the “tilma” is replaced by a T-shirt, but still has signs as the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe and roses. The saint is a contemporary young market flower man near the General Cemetery of the City of Guatemala. Here is an example of reinterpretation of the Guadalupe miracle, another clothing, another type of subject, another temporality, but remains powerless to maintain existing symbols legend miracle.


Lives and works in Guatemala.

He is a self-taught artist who began his career in Guatemala City as a photojournalist and progressively found himself working with portraiture and urban photography. His photographs combine kitsch, pop, religion, and eroticism. On May 2015 he won 1st. place in Arte en Mayo, Guatemala. He was selected for the Trasatlantic Discovery Program of PhotoEspaña.


2017 - Cuarto Oscuro, Anarchivo Nacional, Guatemala; Bienal of París, Guatemala, Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno Carlos Mérida, Guatemala; GUATEMALA 33,000 KM: Contemporary Art, 1960 - Present, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara; VIOLENTO, Galería Alianza Francesa, Guatemala.

2016 - Réalisme magique et surréalisme tragique: Guatemala dans leurs yeux, Montréal, Canadá; ENLAZANDO SIGLOS, Fundación G&T Continental, Guatemala; ARTE EN MAYO 2016, Fundación Rozas-Botrán, Guatemala; INFIERNO GRANDE, Galería de Panza Verde, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala; SPIN CYCLE, Laundromat Art Space, Miami.

2015 – THE POWER OF THE WORD, Urban Gallery project, Copenhagen, Denmark; LATIN AMERICA: A TOWN IN SOUTHERN UNITED STATES, group exhibition, Casa de America – PhotoEspaña, curator: Andrés Fresneda; A (NORMAL) DARK ROOM, group exhibition, La Casa – Cultura de Barrio; Arte en Mayo, group exhibition, National Museum of Modern Art “Carlos Merida”, Guatemala; INTERRUPTED SLEEP, group exhibition, Metropolitan Cultural Center, Guatemala, curators: Lucrecia Cofiño Prera and Javier Payeras.

2014 – BODY & LIFE, group exhibition with Juan Pensamiento, Ruben Mayorga Cultural Center, Guatemala; 30 YEARS ON THE ROAD “Night” Urban Gallery Art Project Center / South Florida, curator: Susan Caraballo; SHARED INTIMACY, Biennial of visual arts of Central America (BAVIC 09), Cultural Center of Spain, Guatemala; URBAN GALLERY PROJECT, Interventions in gallery spaces, Piegatto Art, Guatemala; RENT/STATE, Large format photography, mural, old building of Hotel Ritz Continental, Guatemala; WHEN THE CARPENTER AND THE BRICKLAYER HAVE LEFT, collective exhibition, Ex-Convent of la Concepción, Antigua Guatemala; PHOTOPIA, collective exhibition, Poporopo Project, Guatemala, museographer: Manuel Urbina; SWEET MORTIFICATIONS, solo exhibition, Attico Gallery, Guatemala; THE AGENDA, group exhibition, Municipal Gallery of Art and Cultural Center, Guatemala; LIKE HIS OWN LIKENESS, group exhibition, Art Center / South Florida – Miami Beach, curator: Marivi Veliz.

2013 – URBAN WITNESSES, group exhibition, XV Festival of the Historical Center, Guatemala; DARK ROOM, group exhibition “open doors”, Cultural Center of Spain, Guatemala, curator: Emiliano Valdes; SWEET MORTIFICATION, individual exposure, Enriqueta House, Guatemala; MALE – 25 years, group exhibition, Attico Gallery, Guatemala.

2012 – SAINTS FACTORY, individual exhibition, N.O.A. Gallery, Guatemala; AN EVENT IN A MUSEUM / A MUSEUM IN AN EVENT, Performance / Photography, National Museum of Modern Art “Carlos Merida”, Guatemala, curator: Renato Osoy; CORPUS-POTENS, Die Augen Gallery, Foto30, Guatemala; THE TREAT OF TOTONICAPAN, La Casa Tomada, San Salvador, El Salvador, curator: Walterio Iraheta; THE PATRON, XV Festival of the Historical Center, N.O.A. Gallery, Guatemala; URBAN GALLERY, group exhibition, XVIII Paiz Art Biennial, Guatemala, curator: Santiago Olmo; THE JACK, Cultural Center of Spain, old Cinema Lux, Guatemala; INSIDE OUTSIDE, Incubator Gallery, Guatemala; CONTEMPORARY GENERATION, group exhibition, Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Dress UFM, Guatemala.

2011 – I’M HERE, group exhibition, Alliance Francaise of Guatemala; ALIENATION, an exhibition of “The Treat of Totonicapan” N.O.A. Gallery, Guatemala; TODOS4RTE, photographic exhibition, Guatemala; LOVE IN THE TIME OF LIQUIDATION, Red House Cultural Center, Guatemala.

2010 – TRIBE, group exhibition, Spanish Cooperation Center, Antigua Guatemala curator: Emiliano Valdes; FLYING POETRY, Intervention of photographs with poems by different authors, Cerrito del Carmen, Guatemala; 100 MAGAZINE, photographic exhibition of cultural Sunday edition of Siglo 21 newspaper, French Alliance of Guatemala; LA LUPE, group exhibition, The Blue House, Guatemala; SIXTH NOSTALGIC, Saul E. Mendez project in Paseo de la Sexta, Guatemala.

2009 – FOCUS CENTERS, Photographic Exhibition, Rina Lazo Gallery, Foto30, Guatemala; URBAN GALLERY PROJECT, Gallery Kilometer Zero (National Palace), Metropolitan Cultural Center and 7th. Avenue Z1, Morpho Art Festival, Guatemala.

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