Luciano Goizueta


TECHNIQUE Ink on Cotton Paper
YEAR 2018
SIZE 20 H x 23.6 W in
SIZE CM 50 H x 60 W cm
PRICE $600

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It is a concept that comes from the Fractal theory: is the property of an object (called a self-similar object) in which everything is exact of approximately similar to a part of itself, for example, when everything has the same form as one or more of its parts.

In this case the series reinterprets from the drawing, concerns that I have explored in other media, being a self-referential series uses the pen stroke as the only materialization element.


Lives and works in San José, Costa Rica.

His academic formation include studies in architecture, music and graphic arts in the “Instituto Tecnológico Costarricense” , “Universidad Nacional” and “Universidad de Costa Rica”, between  1999 and 2008.



2018 – Metadata, Museo de Arte Costarricense, San José, Costa Rica; Autosimilitud, La ERRE Cultural Space, Guatemala city; Micromanagement, Veinti4siete Gallery, San José, Costa Rica.

2016 – Cuentos Cortos, La ERRE Cultural space, Guatemala city.

2015 – Light and absence, Salt Fine Art Gallery, L.A. , U.S.A.

2014 – Niño, La ERRE Cultural space,  Guatemala city. 

2013 – Lado A – Lado B, Sol del Río Gallery,  Guatemala city.

2012 – Anacrónico, Galería Klaus Steinmetz Contemporary, San José, Costa Rica

2010 – Pillowbook, Diablo Rosso Gallery, Panama; Time is all You Need,  Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.          

2009 – Shuffle, Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, Miami FL, USA.



2019 – Drawing Biennal, Marte Museum, El Salvador; I Can Understand this Landscape, MADC, Costa Rica; Modern & Universal, MADC, Costa Rica.

2018 – De Facto Discrepancy, G&T Continental Foundation Gallery, Guatemala city; New Adquisitions, Costarican Art Museum, Costa Rica.

2017 – Transitory Convictions, El Túnel Gallery, Guatemala city; Marte Auction, Marte Museum, El Salvador; National Hall of Visual Arts, Museum of Costa Rican Art, Costa Rica; Juannio, Auction, Guatemala city; The City of Others, Museums of the Central Bank, Costa Rica

2016 – Valoarte, Costa Rica; From pop art to Postmodernism, Sample of the Ortiz-Gurdián Foundation, Costa Rica; Death -The inescapable-, Central Bank Museums, Costa Rica.

2014 – Tres Solos, with Luis Cornejo and Simón Vega, Sol del Río, Ciudad de Guatemala; P + P , with Marlov Barrios,  FIA , National Gallery, San José, Costa Rica.

2012 – Picture Outside Picture, Sol del Río Gallery,  Guatemala city; About Change Project, Art program of the World Bank, Washington DC., USA; Summer Show, Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  

2011 – Recent Work, Now Contemporary Art, Miami, USA.

2010 – Entremedios, Buschlen Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver, Canadá; Refreshing Recollection, Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, Miami Fl, USA.            

2008 – Holidayzed & confused, Galería Diablo Rosso, Panama; Solid Friends, Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, Miami Fl, USA.



2012 – SCOPE Art Fair,  Kunstklub and Klaus Steimetz Contemporary, Basel, Switzerland.

2011 – Shanghai Art Fair, Kunstklub,  Shanghai, China; ArteBA Art Fair, Klaus Steinmetz Contemporary, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2010 – Affordable Art Fair, Bickar Gallery, New York City, USA.

2009 – Pinta 09 Art Fair, Lyle O. Reitzel, New York City, USA; ArtBo Art Fair, Arteconsult, Bogotá, Colombia; Hot Art Fair,  Kunst Klub Art Promotions , Basel, Switzerland; ZONA MACO Art Fair, Arteconsult- Diablo Rosso, México DF.



2008 – First Prize for “Pasado Pluscuamperfecto.” and honorific mention for “Nómada”.  VALOARTE VI Edition – Latin American Collective show. Nacional Gallery, San José, Costa Rica.  Jury:  Dr. María Dolores Torres (Spain- Nicaragua)  Rebeca Noriega (Puerto Rico) and Ileana Alvarado (Costa Rica).  



PillowBook (drawing book of Luciano Goizueta Fevrier), RARA Editorial and dinamitalibrosarte, Edited by Karina Salguero-Moya and Andrés Asturias, texts of Luis Chávez. Presented in April 2013 en la Sol del Río Gallery,  Guatemala city.  and in July 2013 in the  Museum of Contemporary art in San José, Costa Rica. 

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