Mauricio Esquivel

Eraser Home 7

TECHNIQUE Print on acid-free cotton, archive quality
YEAR 2011

EDITION 1 AP SIZE 8 H x 20.5 W in
SIZE CM 20.5 H x 52 W cm
PRICE $400

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Text taken from the product

  1. Recyclable
  2. Non-toxic lead-free safe materials
  3. Non-PVC releases non toxic fume
  4. Energy saving production
  5. Recycled paper packaging
  6. Meet all international standards in safety and environmental care
  7. Take apart educational puzzle designs
  8. Small parts, not for children under 8 years of age

During my stay in Mexico City, I found erasers. It's format seemed very curious on how it could change its function. In this case the violence represented in a weapon is canceled due to the function of the object. This series was presented at the Children's Museum in Costa Rica, where in the seventies was a prison in the context of a convention of the National Police.


Lives and works in El Salvador.

He graduated with honors in the career of Plastic Arts from the National University in El Salvador where he was a teacher for two years. He has resided in Nicaragua, Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica, London, and the United States, currently lives and works in New York.

Co founder of the curatorial project in El Salvador Virgin Studio in collaboration with the Spain Cultural Center. He has participated in the talks “Central Themes”(Temas Centrales) coordinated by TEOR/éTica Foundation in Costa Rica in 2012 and in  “The day that we came contemporary” in the Contemporary Art and Design -MADC- in San Jose Costa Rica in 2014.

2009 - X International Biennial, Cuenca, Ecuador.

2010 - XXXI International Biennial, Pontevedra, Spain; I International Triennial from the Caribbean, Dominican Republic; VI Central American Biennial, Nicaragua.

2011 - Change, World Bank Program, Washington - Paris; II Iberoamerican Show, Spain Cultural Centre, Mexico; Video Show “Triangle C.S.C.”, Ex Teresa Actual Art, Mexico; “Central America Civic and Violence, Art Americas Art Fair, Miami.

2012 - International Festival of arts, Costa Rica -FIA-; Esfoto 12, El Salvador; Photo 30,Guatemala.

2013 - First South Biennial, Panama.

2014 - XX Contemporary art and Design Anniversary, MADC museum, Costa Rica; IX Central American Biennial, Guatemala.

2015 - RelocatingSal, Hilger BrotKunsthalle Gallerie, Vienna, Austria; Latin American Experience, Fine Arts Museum, Huston, US. 

2016 - Art Lima, Perú; Context, New York, US; Art/To, Toronto, Canada

2017 - Volta13 Basel, Switzerland. 

2018 - “Donde Hubo Fuego” Semi permanent show at the -MARTE-  Museum, El Salvador.

2017 - “At the Borders” Lokkus Arte Contemporáneo, Medellín, Colombia.

2015 - Glitch & Landscapes, Guatemala.

2012 - Displacement Line, EDS Gallery, México; Displacement Line, Art San Diego Art Fair, US.

2009 - Young Art Prize awarded by the Cultural Center of Spain, El Salvador; First prize, Vaoarte Costa Rica for Displacement Line series.

2013 - Honor Mention at Sumarte Auction, El Salvador

2010 - 2014 - Nominated for the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation Production Grant; Honor Mention in Sumarte Auction, El Salvador. 

2015 - Honor mention at the Awards & Auction, Rosas Botran Foundation - Espace Expression Gallery, Miami.

2018 - Grantee of the Harpo Foundation for the New Projects Grant, Miami, USA.

?Co-curator for the project: "Tu nombre es un laberinto" (Your name is a maze) Contemporary Artist from El Salvador sponsored by Luciano Benetton Foundation.

Curating for -Body Museum- project supported by Virgin Studio.

Art Museum of El Salvador MARTE.
TEOR/éTica Foundation, San José, Costa Rica.
Contemporary Art and Design -MADC- in San Jose Costa Rica
Sanziany & Palais Rasumofsky, Austria.
The World Bank Collection, Washington, USA.
Among others privates in EEUU, Mexico, Colombia and Central America.

Art Nexus, Lapiz, Frontera D, Art Districts among others.

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