Patricia Salamonde

Maxi Arch 17

TECHNIQUE Acrylic over Canvas
YEAR 2016

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Architecture and design gain art status in the ARCH series. A homage to masters of the national architecture, like Isay Weinfeld, Marcio Kogan, Henrique Reinach and Maurício Mendonça, in works that synthesize color and form. ARCH is an offshoot of the series Concreto (2012); the lines gain references of the geometry of the construction, especially for doors, corridors, windows. Openings for new paths, new perspectives.


Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

She began painting in Buenos Aires, in 2003, where she lived for 7 years. Graduated in Journalism, Patricia moved to Argentina to take a sabbatical after 10 years working in television. During this time off, she studied photography, sculpture and painting at the National Museum of Fine Arts, in Buenos Aires. Her early work was influenced by Argentinian artist Adolfo Nigro. It didn’t take long for her playful style to emerge, with a pallet of vivid colors inspired by nostalgic images from Brazil and representing her longing for home. Her artworks are part of important collections in: Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala, United States, Portugal, Espanha, Inglaterra, Suecia, Alemania, Italia and Hong Kong.


2016 –  Artistic curatorial residential project, São Paulo, Brazil; Artistic curatorial project Paediatrics Hospital Pro-Criança Cardiac, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Artistic curatorial residential project in São Paulo, Brazil; Individual Exhibition Circuit Arts Jardim Botanico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Individual exhibition in Cidade Jardim, , Brazil

2015 – “Art Copenhagen” fair (C-Arte Gallery), Denmark; Solo exhibition “Circuito das Artes do Jardim Botânico”, RJ, Brazil; Collective exhibition in Helsinki, Finland (Ava Gallery); “Art SVP” –Collective exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; “BELA Bienal de Arte Europea y Latinoamericana en Museo Historico Nacional”, RJ, Brazil; “Art-Cartagena” fair (C-Arte Gallery), Colombia

2014 – “Scope Miami” art fair, United States (C-Arte Gallery); “Carrousel du Louvre” art fair, (AVA Gallery), Paris, France; “ARTIGO Rio” art fair (C-Arte Gallery), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; “Scope Basel” art fair (C-Arte Gallery), Basel, Switzerland; Solo exhibition at “Emporio Maria Maria”, Itaipava, Petrópolis, RJ, Brazil

2011 – Collective exhibition in Rio de Janeiro (Antonio Berni gallery), Brazil

2010 – “” art fair, Santiago (Consorcio de Arte gallery), Chile; Solo exhibition in Buenos Aires (Consorcio de Arte gallery), Argentina

2008 – Solo exhibition in Brasília (Referência gallery), Brasil; “ARTEBA” art fair, Buenos Aires (Arte em Dobro gallery), Argentina

2007 – Collective exhibition in Trancoso, Bahia (Fulô Gallery), Brazil; Collective exhibition in “Expomueble design”, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2006 – Collective exhibition in Buenos Aires (Vivendi gallery), Argentina; “Expotrastiendas” art fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina; ARTEBA art fair, Buenos Aires (Transarte gallery), Argentina; Collective exhibition in Buenos Aires (Forma gallery), Argentina

2005 – “Expotrastiendas” art fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Solo exhibition in Buenos Aires (Crayon gallery), Argentina



I aim to delight people with pleasant and decorative visuals, constructed with vibrant colors. I like to express energy through the color combinations, and pass on an optimistic view of life.

I change a lot from one phase to another. One period can be inspired by places, like Rio de Janeiro. Others are based on patterns taken from oriental rugs, mandalas, or inspired by artists such as Tarsila do Amaral, who was honored in a series called “Live Tarsila”. My influences are so varied that I couldn’t possibly list them all.

There are no sketches, just research, and then I dive into the canvas. Behind each painting there is a story. My enjoyment comes from transforming it into images. I think it is a good way to connect journalism and art. I use acrylics because I put so many colors on a canvas that I need paints which dry quicker than oil. A recent series, “Crepe”, is based on stripes. While making stripes on a canvas, I decided to recycle the tape that would normally go in the garbage, and reincorporate it into the final product. During the painting of each “Crepe” my studio walls become covered in tape, just like a Carnival parade.

Currently, I am working on a series called “Concreto” and exploring geometric shapes. As the Brazilian painter Gonçalo Ivo once said, “I believe that there is a hidden geometry that underlines all the organic structures in the world”.

My challenge is to reach synthesis in each piece. I think my slogan of the moment is “less is more”. The shapes change, but the bright colors remain. That’s my signature.

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