Rodrigo Santa Cruz Anchissi

El Misterio rodando esta atmósfera suplicante

TECHNIQUE Iron and automotive paint
YEAR 2017

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Lives and works in Guatemala.

I was born in Guatemala City, in September 19, 1975. I chose to become a psychologist and in order to expand my knowledge I studied Politics, Human Resources, Architecture and Photography.

I have spent my time as an interior designer, during which I have completed several art pieces that include photographs that portray Guatemalan and Contemporary thematic.

For some time, I worked as a professor, newspaper columnist, and public official. From 2009 to 2012 I was a designer for the brand Xalonik. In 2013 I created my own concept, In lak´ech. This project led me to the world of sculpture in 2015.

I would describe myself as an enthusiastic about my own country, Guatemala, furthermore, passionate of art, literature, music, design, biking, soccer and Antigua Guatemala. I get my inspiration from different sources, for instance, Celso Lara, Humberto Ak´Abal, AluxNahual, U2, Luis González Palma, EfraínRecinos, Carlos Mérida, Dennis Leder, Richard Serra, Edgar Negret, Eduardo RamírezVillamizar, to name a few.

Currently my work can be found in private collections such as Rozas Botrán Foundation and Imago Mundi, Italy.

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