Sara Slipchinsky

Without Title

TECHNIQUE Textile art with paper
YEAR 2014

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Printed and cut paper.

Paper, that troubled medium that was born for human hands to leave their traces in the form of graphics that would eventually become languages ??to give us the best poems or the most beautiful ideas about how life should be in this world.

Paper, which in the hands of visual artists has ceased to be a support for the ideograms, which later became letters, today occupies a leading role and is the white is called to that space that surprises us every time with its magic expression. A void that is not such, to void that is a whole.

The role in Sara Slipchinsky's work is made up of fine threads running through space in the most labyrinthine directions: up / down, forward / backward, penetration / expulsion and thus a long and complex classification of the actions that celebrate their works. Suddenly in the middle of that exercise of recording without acids, or gouges and as if they were plows that leave their grooves in the paper, they perceive between the white fine filaments that put us in front of a beautiful visual poem that expresses fantastic feelings and that lead us to dream surreal paradises. Other times it will be a red interfering with the white.

They will always be subtle and poetic interferences. In front of Sara's white papers there is nothing left to look at and like to hypnosis to let ourselves be carried away in the middle of her labyrinths and lose ourselves in the target ... so to the infinite. - Juan Carlos Romero


Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Visual artist, psychologist and psychoanalyst. She develops engraving techniques and analyses paper as the material used for her works.

She has made both individual and collective exhibitions in Argentina and abroad, some of the main ones being (between 2003 and 2015): Pabellón 4 Gallery; Caja de Arte Gallery; Centro de Edición Gallery; Recoleta Cultural Centre; Palais de Glace; Raggio Foundation; Vórtice Gallery; Museo del Grabado (Engravings Museum); Raúl Lozza Museum; Fine Arts Museum Dr. U. Poggi / Sta. Fe – Rafaela; J. Sánchez Museum / Gral. Roca; Museo del Fin del Mundo (End of the World Museum) / Ushuaia; Carla Rey Contemporary Art Gallery. Various galleries in: Mexico, Panama, Austria, Hungary, the Argentine Embassy in Berlin, Casa Ensamble, Bogota, Switzerland and New York. She has participated in the following fairs: Arte BA; “Expotrastienda” Art Fair; Puro diseño; Estampa / Spain; Mia Fair Art and Art Miami / USA (2005 to 2015).

She has been awarded different prizes: 2nd Prize Textile Work in Stock Exchange (2016); 3rd Prize Engraving with textile intervention in C.A.A.T (2016); 1st Prize at the International Art Fair (Uruguay 2016), Honorable Mention – Carmen Arozena Award (Madrid 2013); Salón Minitextil (Mini-Textile Hall) – 2012 in CAAT (Argentine Textile Arts Center); 1st Prize: Símbolos Patrios (National Symbols) – 2010; 3rd Prize: Salón Minitextil (Mini-Textile Hall) – 2010; 2nd Prize in Painting, Turism Secretariat of Vicente Lopez and Dimensión (Dimension) – 2010; Mention in Art Object: Bienal siglo XXI (21st Century Biennial) – 2004; Clamor Brezca Award in Vórtice (2003); 1st Prize in Object, Arte y Dimensión (Art and Dimension) – 2003.

Her work has been selected for: José Hernandez Museum – Textile Room (2014 and 2015) National Hall – Discipline of photography, engraving and textile art (from 2006 to 2015); Salón Manuel Belgrano – Discipline of engraving (2008 to 2015) and Biennial of Textile Art, Municipal Museum Eduardo Sivori (2011 to 2016).

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