Walterio Iraheta

Kriptonita 1

TECHNIQUE Lynotronic acetate
YEAR 2005

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A question can not be overlooked in this series: what is Kryptonite? In the saga superman, the answer is in a strange and diversified mineral, which comes from Kripton, the superhero’s planet and before which his powers disappear. Tempting metaphorical language, this explanation has its derivation in a psychoanalytic reading: it relocates the place from which we come in the mother and the loss of powers in castration. As well as the share of solar energy – essential for survival -, the supergene of the sample shares with the hero two fatalities: a homeland that rejects them and a suit as false as the emancipatory stories and the modern utopia: they are all naked and without a crown.

It is not surprising that the artist has chosen local stereotypes to adjust his historical – mediatic joke. We must revisit the taste for localisms, clichés and regional exoticism, to hold a discourse that remains within the limits of politically correct and rampant amorality. Each of the “portraits” – like Beatrix Kiddo, as a superman – exhibits its fatal sign, the one that, however much it crosses, will not separate them from their own Kriptonite: the obligation to a life that detests options. – Clara Astiasarán


Lives and works in El Salvador.

He studied Graphic Arts at the Universidad Dr. José Matías Delgado of El Salvador, at the Chicago Cultural Center, USA and the School of Visual Arts La Esmeralda, Mexico. He got the first place in the Bienal of Arte Paiz of El Salvador in 2007, an Honorable Mention in the contemporary art of Palma de Mallorca, Spain in 2004 and first place at the Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo del Istmo Centroamericano in 1998, among others.

He participated in the Biennale de Valencia – São Paulo 2008, the Tenth Havana Biennial in 2009, the first Pontevedra Biennale in 2010 and the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011 . At this moment he has more than 35 solo shows and more than 150 group exhibitions.

Currently he is very interested in issues related to human movement, the phenomenon of migration and hybrid cultures. Walterio is interested in the values and traditions mixed between people of different regions.

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