tepeu choc

Cielo y Mar Soleado

TECHNIQUE Mdf, acrylic paint and acryloid B 72
YEAR 2018

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The work I do corresponds to three principles: space, color and form; I understand that when I work in a dimensional space I can never have the third of them, that forces me to carefully study the use of space that I have when I begin to trace my needs, getting to locate the forms, achieve to arm and live with the available elements and the corresponding amount of my paper or canvas format, in the development of the process the changes are not accepted because previously a variety of studies is done as movements, lots of colors, distances, colors that are constant in my work.

In order to find the forms I do not have any complications because I own some of them that already exist that are modified when doing the work to which I am committed to give them a new character, however, I do not only use the properties of the material in I work, like thread, crosslinked metal, colored pencils among others.

To this I also add the importance of the dimensions of the work support so that at a visual level it fulfills its function and connects with the observer, making the same support not only fulfill its role as such, but also that it contributes its property of color so that it is not just an application pretext, as it happened in the training process, having lived this the conception of color completely changes all the parameters of the use of the color palette that I work with today, I know very well that the pure colors will lead me to a better management of them, thus expanding to a great amount of tonalities and opportunities to continue creating.

tepeu choc (1983)

Lives and works in Guatemala City.



2016 – Sections and Fragments, Gallery 9.99, Guatemala; Color Mapping, Alianza Francesa, Guatemala.

2013 – Process, Gallery 9.99, Guatemala.



2016 – Overlap, Gallery 9.99, Guatemala

2015 – The disintegration of the form, Gallery 9.99, Guatemala; Festival Cultural Paseo de la sexta, Pabellón Cultural, Parque Central, Guatemala.

2014 – The thin line, Gallery 9.99, Guatemala; Length x Width x Height, Gallery 9.99, Guatemala.

2013 – ¿And then…?  Gallery 9.99, Guatemala

2011 – 3rd National Hall of Engraving, Guatemala

2008 – 2nd. National Hall of Engraving, Guatemala; Walter Benjamín, Centro Cultural de España, Guatemala; Let’s call it Art, Rafael Landivar University, Guatemala; Horror vacui, first performance show, Guatemala.



Sculpture Festival, National Museum of Modern Art 2010 Athila Rath Geber, Hungary

Sculpture Festival, National Museum of Modern Art 2007 Colin Figue, England

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