Between line, shape, and color. The continuous explorations of tepeu choc

Posted on May - 16 - 2018

Scoop Art is proud to present the newest addition to our site, a talented and prolific artist whose work is evidence of his accomplished artistry and sheer creativity. Guatemalan tepeu choc is a unique artist among his generation; his work is characterized by his constant interest and proficiency in abstraction and geometric composition, where color plays a leading role as the unifier of visual elements. What we most love about his work is the vitality of his pieces, where the contrasts of shapes and color offer a dynamic, yet confident interaction. Infused with his mark, tepeu choc’s artworks reminisce the pallet and reductionist aspirations of the De Stijl artists, while still offering spectators his unique style and personal narratives. Behind his enigmatic works, the chromatic compositions are inspired on landscapes, scenes of daily life and other themes that the artist wished to capture.

tepeu choc “Rectángulo Amarillo Fragmentado“. Courtesy: tepeu choc

His appropriation of existing geometric figures, and his mastery over other techniques, such as engraving and sculpture, has led him to translate his paintings and drawings from flat surfaces to tridimensional space. His studies on space, forms, and colors translate not only in his paintings, but also in his ambitious sculptures that seek to modify their surroundings and the spectator’s spatial perception.

Trained in visual arts at the National School of Visual Arts “Rafael Rodriguez Padilla” ENAP, his work is now part of international public collections, including Sayago & Pardon Collection and the Museum of North Dakota of Art NDMOA and private collections in Guatemala, Colombia, United States and Denmark.

In Scoop Art we welcome you to get better acquainted with the work of this talented and productive artist, whose artistic career is sure to continue evolving and producing vibrant and engaging art.

Gabriela Martínez de la Hoz

tepeu choc “Q Wingdings”. Courtesy: tepeu choc