Big Wall Art’ and how it can help you decorate your home

Posted on July - 23 - 2018

"Tipología" Walterio Iraheta. Courtesy: the Artist

Have you ever been a victim in your own house? Before you jump off your seat and let your imagination conjure intricate fictions, we’re referring to a common trickster that lurks in most homes and can distraught even the most refined aesthete. We’re talking about a vast and intimidating white wall. There is something about the emptiness of a surface, the sheer possibilities of what you can put on that white canvas that can be either a blessing or seem like a heroic feat.

If you have this problem, have no fear, there are plenty of décor techniques going around to give you plenty of ideas on how to tackle the big white monster. Here we will talk about something that could fix your problems, which goes is being referred to as ‘Big Wall Art.’ If you go to Pinterest, hundreds of images will pop-up about this hip trend that can inspire your next decoration project. Be it perfect copies of classical paintings, old pictures, geometric or abstract expressionism or anything vintage, this big works of art can decorate any room, either by themselves or accompanied by the existing furniture.

So, what different styles can you consider? In an article written in Architectural Digest, they talk about six styles that can help you get started and mix and match with your furniture style.

1. Block color paintings: following the 60’s tradition of color field painting, filling an empty room with a single color can open up the entire space, and bring some much-needed color.

2. Abstraction: either it is geometric, or a more expressionistic style, colorful or subtle abstractions are also a great way of filling a room with color and movement. This is recommended for the brave.

3. Figurative: based on recognizable figures, these paintings can be used to accompany more simple rooms, or to complement hallways where people pass by.

4. Black and white photographs: this type of photography can be very bold and evoke quite a lot of emotions. Since these images can attract a lot of attention, it’s suggested that they stand on their own in specific locations, so that the gaze can wander off and rest.

There can be many more; it’s just about starting and experimenting for a bit. So, don’t let your white walls push you over and start having some fun!

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

Artists Efrain Cruz (left) and Luciano Goizueta (right) at private collector’s home.