Hibrys: Herida orgánica / Herida histórica

PANAMÁ, NG Gallery Panamá, 21th Paiz Art Biennal

August 16 to September 16, 2018


the artist

Sandra Monterroso


the curator

Gerardo Mosquera


about the expo

NG Art Gallery is part of the 21 Paiz Art Biennal in Guatemala. The project consists of a personal exhibition by the Guatemalan artist Sandra Monterroso, curated by Gerardo Mosquera.

“The selected works are part of two series that I have been working with since last year. The creative impulse or what I call “detonator” was to see my mother peel the achiote seeds from the pods of the plant. When I saw his hands dyed red, I went through the camera and began to document. I brought the achiote powder to the studio and started experimenting, dyeing linen, paper, thread and my own skin. As a result I made the series Distortions and Imperfections in 2017.The series that I present in Panama is called Hibrys: Organic Wound / Historical Wound. There are works from the previous series, but also new ones. The selection has to do with historical, colonial wounds; In contrast, the proposal to heal such wounds from art, using organic materials such as Annatto, which has been used not only for cooking but also for healing wounds. It is a red powder that has been used throughout America, from north to south, and also to dye the body and perform rituals.” – Sandra Monterroso

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