Aceguá Line

URUGUAY, cultural center Kavlin

November and December, 2017


the artist

Martín Pelenur


about the expo

The exhibition Línea Aceguá presents a new group of paintings by Martín Pelenur together with an installation and a series of works on paper. Aceguá Line refers its name to the action of walking during two days of straight line demarcation between Uruguay and Brazil located in the limit of the department of Cerro Largo with the state of Rio Grande do Sul. This straight line of 37.2 kilometers joins the village Aceguá with the San Luis creek, the border line layout does not obey any geographical feature. In recent years Pelenur has devoted himself to touring the territory to obtain data that allow him to continue painting, Pelenur is a painter. A lover of maps, he explores in the territory the geometries that he abstracts, reduces and composes; defines his method as extractor. Aceguá Line does not try to reconstruct the lived image, but to use the language of painting and installation to mobilize and try to reach that place of experience that connects us with the essence of what we are or what we thought we were.

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