He / The Other

ARGENTINA, Casona de los Olivera

February 23 to April 7, 2019


the artist

Sara Slipchinsky


the curator

Lucia Kushnir


about the expo

He / the other is to think different and similar at the same time. That thing that escapes us because of ignorance, that sometimes gives fear, others curiosity, other similarities and many others indifference.

He / the other as sample did not seek to define it, much less produce texts that circumscribe it but generate some possible images to be able to think about it. Through the different spaces we approach:

He / the other, beliefs and religions.

He / the other and the absence.

The / the other and the silence.

The / the other that does not exist.

The / the other and the fragility on the body.

The / the other and the ephemeral.

The / the other after the mask.

The / the other in the body.

The / and the magic.

Each work is authentically unique and in turn deals with the same. The other as the infinitely similar but which is not the same and moves away or, on the contrary, the other as so alien, so different and that in turn is ours.

A group of women artists addresses the problem of difference, but also of similarities. Not only the works coexist with other works and other discourses, also each artist shares the space and approaches and moves away from the group in intermittent states.

Faced with a reality and another such complex that sometimes give fear can only be addressed through images and collective work. The other is a search for a team and a defense of the image when the word is not enough to tell.

- Lucia Kushnir

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