Point and Line to Plane


November 10 - 19, 2016


the artists

Hellen Ascoli / Manuel Chavajay / Daniel Hernandez Salazar

Carlos Perez / Nora Perez / Antonio Pichillá / Angel Poyón

Fernando Poyón / Gabriel Rodríguez / Plinio Villagran


about the expo

The title of the exhibition is based on the theoretical treatise written by the renowned Russian theorist and artist, Wassily Kandinsky. Although it is about to be a century since its first publication, Kandinsky’s concepts of creation continue to be relevant in the production and appreciation of art and transcend geography and temporality.

The concepts developed by Kandinsky on the intuitive search and the expression of the interiority of reality are goals that direct the search of many artists to develop in a better way the topics of their interest.

In this personal search, the formal aspects of the work are not of major importance, but are relegated to a second plane where the protagonism passes to the expressive content of the work. The responsibility of the artist is to use different means to reach the maximum effects and the coherent expression of his theme, taking life less signs and converting them into living symbols.

In contemporary art you can see how this has manifested itself as they are actively rethinking traditional techniques or completely forgetting to experiment with new media. The themes and the media may vary, but the forces behind the search are the same and give each artist their independence and autonomy of execution.

Each artist included in the exhibition, has achieved throughout his career, materialize his observations, in a unique and personal way, distinguishing his work from that of his contemporaries.

The issues addressed by each differ from social and political criticism, to spatial exercises and interventions in situ but as a whole what stands out are not personal opinions, but the creative possibility that each artist has to deconstruct the external and transcend formal aspects to uncover the truth behind reality.

Taking advantage of the building of the Old Railway Station, which is about to be demolished, artists can occupy and turn the space into a pulsating work of art, inviting the viewer to participate in the multisensory experience.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

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