TAPES concentration, repetition, drift


April 25 to May 17, 2019


the artist

Martin Pelenur


about the expo

Zielinsky Gallery is pleased to present TAPES: Concentration, Repetition, Drift; The first individual exhibition of Martín Pelenur in Barcelona. Pelenur presents a new body of works made with paper tape and a series of treaties specifically specific to the gallery space.

Martín Pelenur is a Uruguayan artist who lives and works in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Pelenur defines his practice of painting, an activity that he understands as a way of thinking.

The exhibition is then structured around a work premise, in which the artist investigates a medium and a method. The premises are the starting point of these works in which the artist strives to achieve results that he can repeat. Materials and supports are indivisible. The dimensions are variable, and the final configuration sets them in place. Martín Pelenur understands painting as an experimental and mental process, it is proposed to create a context that suggests us to look in a certain way. Look for the medium to speak while proposing a dialogue between forms. His work creates a space through a gesture that bears the mark of time. Functional lines, elementary forms, geometric structures that evoke grids, patterns that have their origins in systematic actions; Ordered forms that lead us to a profusion of effects that build our own language. Pelenur produces and experiments on processes simultaneously to achieve what appears to be a calculated surprise. They are minimalist, but not necessarily. They are formalists, but not entirely. Painting, geometry, abstraction, there is so much information that one begins to define their own space.

Upon entering your study of La Barra de Maldonado, you read the phrase transcribed on the wall. Focus on what you are doing, do not be distracted, this is your time. Something like a repetitive mantra in the key of artistic production. The slogan seems extracted from a self-help manual, but was found somewhere on the internet. This was the subject of long conversations with the artist and a reflection on time and ways of doing in the contemporary world. Concentrating, not getting distracted, focusing and realizing that time is one would seem to be a simple task, but to be true, it is not. We live in the era of the superabundance of images that circulate at a speed never before imagined. The screens dominate the landscape in which we move with a retinal anxiety that makes the slogan almost impossible.

For more than ten years Pelenur has been dedicated to touring the territory to obtain data that will allow him to continue painting, let's not forget that Pelenur is a painter. Lover of maps and drifts, he explores in the territory the geometries that he abstracts, reduces and composes; Define your method as Extractor. The Extractor is a way of relieving walking, a way of obtaining information through the experience of walking and then not reconstructing the lived image but using it as an input to continue thinking.

Friedrich Nietzsche said that one must have: the cheerful soul by nature or the soul made cheerful by work, love, art and knowledge. I like to think about the latter and understand art as an essential part of this search. Concentration makes this mission possible. Artistic thinking is a non-linear process that sometimes allows you to recognize answers even before the questions are articulated and act on them. This group of works celebrates, in its rigor, the method and research as a fundamental part of the artist's practice. It establishes links with forms that affiliate with tendencies derived from modern aesthetic paradigms. Use the language of painting and installation to mobilize and try to reach that place of experience that connects us with the essence of who we are or what we thought we were.

Martin Craciun

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