Four interior magazines to help you find your own style

Posted on August - 6 - 2018

Appreciating art is not just about standing in front of a pretty picture in a museum and reading about the artist’s background in a book. It’s about looking for art and beauty in everyday life and especially in your own home. A passion for interior decoration can branch out from a trained aesthetic appreciation and can lead to a personal form of artistic expression. Last week we mentioned a new trend where artworks can either accompany the already existing furniture or can be adopted as the main attraction, eclipsing everything around them.

However, not all inventiveness comes from within and what Picasso famously said about the artist can also apply to decorators: “the good artists copy, the great artists steal.” So, to start any creative endeavor, a quick look at the literature is always necessary, as well as gathering as many visual references as possible. To start, it would be recommended to check out magazines that can blend art, design, and decoration. Check out these four magazines, which not only feature traditional decoration, but also design on itself:



Founded in the 1990’s and seen as one of the best media creations of the decade, this Brit magazine has its headquarters in London and also offers a wide array of other services including art exhibitions and design awards. Its asterisk and premium content makes it one of the leading magazines dealing not only with interiors, but also architecture, fashion, art and contemporary lifestyle.

Courtesy: Wallpaper Magazine

Interior Design 

American magazine founded in 1932, its longstanding publication is in part by its power to reinvent itself through the whole 20th century until our days. Headquartered in New York City, this magazine is designed for professional interior designers, published 15 times per year and offers its readers a variety of projects, latest products and industry news.


Elle Decor

Launched in 1989 and also based in New York City, Elle Decor is a style magazine focused on interior and home decoration. Unlike the other magazines, Elle Decor is more approachable and offers ideas and inspirations on how to renovate and decorate homes and provides the latest trends.

Courtesy: Elle


The newest on the list, founded in 2000, centered on architecture and design, its original aim was to fill in the gap between professional designers and enthusiasts. As a magazine it publishes six times a year, it also provides a conference and exhibition called Dwell on Design.

This three may seem like polar opposites, but there are many more out there. The more you look, the easier it will be to find your style and find the best magazines that speak to you. Tell us which one is your favorite!

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

Courtesy: Dwell Magazine