Get what you love: Three tips for the young collectors

Posted on November - 28 - 2018

Collectors are not born, they are made, and every one had to begin somewhere. Starting a collection is not an easy feat, and this activity can embed itself into life itself that it can be an activity that will accompany the collector through all his life, looking for the perfect additions to his carefully curated selection. On the other hand, collecting can be a whimsical and diverting experience to follow local artists and have interesting pieces of artworks to display. No matter what type of collector you decide to be, the key behind a great collection is doing the research, developing your eye and all the relationships that will develop along the way.

Here are three tips for the beginner collectors.

Know your taste and follow it

The cardinal rule of all art collecting (overlooked on just a few occasions) is: buy what you love. With this, young collectors have to trust their instincts and collect what moves and interest them. After all, it will be in their personal house! A good idea is to research styles, mediums and artists. Once you know what makes you tick, then you know what to look for.

Develop relationships

The art world is a small world, and if you get into it, chances are that you would not only be looking at the local scene but also be exposed to an international group of people. It pays to be social in the art world, and the relationships you build with curators and galleries will give you an edge to get a lead on that work you like or introduce you to other artists you never heard of. Also, having a good relationship with gallerists can give you discounts on your favorite artists.

 Set a Budget

It’s all well and good to tell you to buy what you love, but not if it is it out of your budget. When you know what you like, then you know how to make it happen, even if it means waiting until funds are cleared for your new acquisition.

As daunting as collecting may sound, it will open endless possibilities and become an exciting way of life.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz