The 16th Edition of ZONAMACO closes its doors

Posted on Feb - 13 - 2019

Time flies when you are having fun. It feels like the year 2019 just begun but, then again, we are almost in mid-February and the many art events of the year begin to unfold.

Hosted in Mexico City, ZONAMACO is one of the leading art fairs in Latin America and this year's 16th edition took place from the 6th to the 10th at Centro Citibanamex. The exhibition, curated by Tania Ragasol packed a colossal variety of international artists and galleries, succeeding in bringing a collection of people with different political and social backgrounds together in uncertain time, including the recent election of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Photo: Grupo Mexico Design

The event was divided in the General Section, New Proposals, ZONAMACO Sur, Modern Art and ZONAMACO Design. ZONAMACO Sur was a novelty this year, proposed by Brazilian curator Kiki Mazzucchelli, which consisted of a program that explored the performative nature of works of art and the power behind their communicative nature. Also, New Proposals showcased the ability of the fair to combine both blue-chip galleries with the up-and-coming.  

Among the array of more than 70 galleries, most foreign or Mexican, countries in Latin America were represented by their leading galleries. In the General Section GINSBERG gallery from Lima, Walden from Buenos Aires and Espacio Continuo from Bogota joined the Mexican big players kurimanzutto, La Laboratoire, Curro, OMR, PROYECTOSMONCLOVA among others. 

With the many artists that shone at the maddening event, some artworks that stood up include Mexican Yoshua Okón's Parking Lotus (2001), which included a series of videos depicting Los Angeles guards in lotus pose levitating. What would seem as an incongruous image is backed up by the artist Los Angeles Security Guard Meditation Movement (LASGMM) manifesto where he conducts a critique on the poor conditions’ security guards work in.

Yoshua Okon “Parking Lotus”. Photo: Terence Trouillot

Part of the New Proposals, Galery Nora Fisch committed to nurturing contemporary artists working mainly in Buenos Aires presented the work of Adriana Bustos. The artist offers an alchemist interpretation where she delves and deconstructs patriarchal hierarchies. In Independent Thinker I (2014), Bustos refers to rituals and ancient esoteric symbols. 

Another work that stood out was Naturaleza Muerta (2019) by Mexican Edgar Orlaineta at Proyectos Monclova, who appropriates contemporary objects and fuses them into hybrid sculptural forms made out of organic materials, where he questions the usefulness of industrial design objects. 

As the fair closed its booths, the event shows that Latin America artist has a lot to convey in their art which is worthy of international attention. 

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

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