Dynamic stillness: The works of Jamie Bischof

Posted on Aug - 14 - 2019

On a white podium, the quiet and static choreography of antagonist shapes takes place. A slick and rigid aluminum rectangular structures are strangled by a polyurethane tube, like a serpentine creature devouring its prey. The compelling composition Without Title 4 is the work of American painter and sculpture Jamie Bischof, who has called Guatemala City her home since the 1960s. Her call back to art came at the insistence of some of the most prolific artists of that time. The geometric shapes and experimentations of mostly Luis Diaz, Danny Schafer, and Margarita Azurdia influenced the work of Bischof for years to come.

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Jamie Bischof "Without Title"

Although an innovative and modern artist characterized by an abstract language, Bischof has repeatedly stated Mayan art as one of her primary sources of inspirations. Although her sculptures reminisce works by Mark di Suvero or Tony Smith, Bischof has developed her style integration different visual language with conceptual undertones. Frequently, the artist has highlighted how the lines in her work take center stage, and that the influence of Mayan culture guides them. Bischof has merged the organic and playful aspect of Mayan aesthetics with modern and sober materials to create an original and compelling line of work.


Without Title 5 exemplifies the textures of fabrics, and simultaneously while abandoning all colors, the diptych challenge dynamism and malleability with its sterile and reflective material. The work of art also functions as a juxtaposition between the opened and closed nature of the shape, resulting in a meditation of space and composition.


In Scoop Art, we are excited and honored to be representing Jamie Bischof. Her engaging and enigmatic work has made her a leading figure in Modern Guatemalan art and influenced a new generation of artists. We invite you to explore her journey and evolution and be mesmerized by her pieces as many before. 

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

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Jamie Bischof "Without Title"

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