3 Land Latin American Artists

Posted on Jan - 29 - 2019

Thinking of a work of art, you probably think of a canvas hanging on the wall or a sculpture standing in the middle of the room. But what about the art that is made outside the closed room and beyond the wall? As this idea can still seem unusual to some, artists have been engaging with the outside world, implementing their artworks into the landscape. These practices started in the 1960s and 1970s and the style was coined as “Land Art” by Robert Smithson. Although most of the big names in Land Art come from the U.S. and Europe, there have been some Latin American artists that have contributed to its development. Here are three names that you may recognize from among the list of land artists. 


Ana Mendieta 

The Cuban-American artist is mostly known for her performances and body art, blurring the limits between art and artist. As part of her involvement with different styles of production, Mendieta also delved in Earth Art with her series Siluetas, where the artist explored the space that the body takes up in the world. 


Courtesy: Fen Muguerza


Nicolás García Uriburu

Back in 1968, the Argentinian artist took the 34th Venice Biennale by surprise with his massive intervention where he dyed the Venice Biennale canal to a fluorescent green dye called Fluorescein. Many thought it was an act of terrorism, but it was an act of defiance and creative spirit. García Uriburu was known as a landscape and ecological artists. The artist's work was so influential and is known until these days as one of the great Latin American artists of land art. 


Courtesy: Fundación Aquae


Felix Nelson 

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Nelson studied painting with artists hailing from Neoconcretisms in the 1980s. He then left painting and transcended to sculpture where he incorporated elements from American Minimal and Land Art. His work displayed the play between nature and culture and their unequal relationship. Since the 1980s, he has developed a solo project as a conceptual exercise that spans through multiple geographical areas of his native Brazils. 

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz


Courtesy: DB Art Mag

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