Three books on Latin American Artists coming out in 2019

Posted on Jan - 22 - 2019

In this digital, fast-paced world is hard to find quiet time during the day to sit down with yourself and a good book. Maybe that should be a new year’s resolution: finding some time to read about what you love. And, if you are an art fan, chances are that you’ll not only enjoy appreciating good art, but also reading about it, and the incredible artists that contribute to the Latin American art world. 


Here are three monographs on Latin American artists that you might not know, that touch upon their work and career. Whether their names ring a bell or they are new to you, you may find yourself enwrapped in their work, narrated by eloquent scholars and curators, as well as pieces written by them.


Sandra Eleta: The Invisible World

If you have never heard the name Sandra Eleta, born 1955, it’s not a surprise. The Panamanian photographer’s career was relatively unknown before her addition to the groundbreaking exhibition Radical Women. Since then, Fundación Santa Ana is publishing a compilation of 40 years of the photographer's works. Her photographs pay homage to local and often overlooked lives in Panama.


Pablo Vargas Lugo: Naj Tunich

Taking place close to home, in 2017 the Mexican artist visited the ruins of Naj Tunich in Guatemala, which is home to what are considered as some of the best Mayan cave paints. Alongside Guatemalan curator Rosina Cazali, and other scholars and experts, the artist presented an eponymous exhibition in La Tallera, Cuernavaca as the result of the expeditions to the site. This book contains a collection of images, texts and essays connecting ancient and modern practices.


Anna Maria Maiolino: Entre Pausas

Brazilian Maiolino has been around for a while, and in her youth in Brazil became involved with the Neo-Concretism movement, working alongside Lygia Clark and Lygia Pape. Maiolino emigrated from Brazil to New York and stayed close to the Latin American artist community, which mixed influences from her previous exposure in Brazil with influences from Neo-Minimalism. This book chronicles her drawings and poems from the period of transition.


Many more books are coming out this year so be sure to keep an eye out, you never know what you might find. 

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

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