Breaking the Mold: two Latin American Collectors under 35

Posted on Nov - 04 - 2019

When you think of a collector, what comes to mind? Maybe you imagine an elderly couple with a peculiar taste for kinetic art or a hedge-fund or magnate who is looking for other investments and finds contemporary art quite amusing. Among all the many clichés and that roam art fairs and galleries, a new and different breed of collectors is brewing and breaking the stereotypical mold. Among them are young Latin Americans whose vision not only resides in their collection but also within their contributions to the arts. Here are two collectors who fit this profile and welcome a new type of merchants. 


Juan Yarur, 35 


Juan Yarur became the youngest member of the Latin American Acquisitions Committee at Tate Modern, at age 26. He also founded tip art curator Ceclula Brunson, Fundacion AMA, a non-profit that provides young Chilean artists with the opportunity of going abroad for residency programs. Yarur's collection includes works by the new generations of Chilean artists such as Magdalena Atria, Paz Errázuriz, Juan Downey, and Josefina Guilisasti. The group of contemporary Chilean artists was presented to the public in an exhibition of his private collection at the Museo de Art Contemporáneo (MAC) in Santiago de Chile. Recently ArtNews name Yarur in their Top 200 Collectors list as one of the most influential young collectors in Latin America.

courtesy: CAPITAL


Moisés Cosío, 35 

A recognized entrepreneur and film producer, Cosío founded his art-house film company Detalles Films in 2006. With a keen eye for art and exciting projects to invest in, Cosío has taken part in critically acclaimed movies such as Atom Egoyan's Remember and Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Dance of Reality. Not only is he an avid businessman, but he has also become a voracious art collector and patron of the arts. Although Cosio began acquiring artworks from only a decade ago, his impressive collection boast names such as Gabriel Orozco, Francis Alÿs and Adrián Villar Rojas. Additionally, as a strong supporter of the arts, Cosío founded Alumnos 47, a foundation that promotes contemporary art educations and research. 

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

courtesy: Collectors Agenda

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