The path of Carlos Perez

Posted on May - 28 - 2019

The notion that artists are born and not made has proven obsolete, failing to capture the road that an individual has to take to become an artist. It's a path full of decisions, crossroads and unforeseen challenged. However, the path determined by circumstances. Not every artist makes it through and stays true to themselves. 

Having overcome adversity can be a euphemism that would describe the journey of Guatemalan artist Carlos Perez. Having grown up in a precarious post-civil war country, his early beginnings were not the easiest for a budding artist and at early but he had to make a choice, it was either art or violence. 2018.jpeg

Carlos Perez's studio. Courtesy: the artist y Crayones de Oleo sobre Tela -140x120cm-2018 .jpg

"Landscape". Courtesy: the artist

As those days are long gone now, Perez has built his career as a talented artist, based in Vienna, the Austrian capital of art and culture. Having trained as a painter in Vienna's Academy of Fine Arts, his work has appropriated elements from Pop Art and Expressionism. His powerful imagery depicts scenes from every day, where the center of attention is always the colorful characters in the composition. As his color palette is somber, so are his images, where a turbulent and conflicting atmosphere surrounds and embraces, inviting them to immerse themselves in Perez's world. Themes such as racisms, fantasy, poverty, war, and anguish are embedded in his ethereal scenes, where the penetrating gaze of his characters, pierces through the spectator. 

His large canvases have graced the walls of many Austrian and Guatemalan galleries, in various individual and collective exhibitions. One of his latest endeavors is "El lugar de los venados", a mosaic design that will be part of a common area in Hirschstettner Straße, Vienna. In his design, Perez is integrating Mayan textiles to refer to the multiculturality that is characterizing the global world. 

In Scoop Art we are having to count Perez as one of our talented artists, and encourage you to check his powerful work.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

Cortesy: the artist

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