The drives beneath collection: Three types of collectors and their motivations

Posted on Jun - 19 - 2019

Among the many different types of collectors, are there any patterns between them? In the art world, collectors are a big part of what makes the art wheel spin and finance creativity and bohemians. Nevertheless, this is a group of people that can come from all walks of life, but united by a very defining passion, their love for art, independently of their motivation. There can be many drivers into what inspires a collector to search for new artists, or nurtures up-and-coming talent, or accumulate traditional artifacts.

Art Basel Miami. Photo: Scoop Art

The adventurous collector 
There are those to whom collecting has given them a high like no other. The adventurous ones that think they can wield the powers of the art market and have a saying in art history. These collectors usually come from a finance or real state and what to be in the middle of the scene, having the biggest and most expensive painting of their close circle of equally adventurous collector-friends. For these larger-than-life individuals, collecting is a mixture of genuine love for art, impulsiveness, the desire for status, and a lot of disposable income in their hands. There can also be two adventurous collectors: the patron and the investor, both of them being attracted to the thrill of art, but with two different motives. 

The Academics
These types of collectors are the ones who desire are triggered by the cerebrum. Each step is methodically calculated and not seen as a financial investment, but an intellectual pursuit. Their passion is a long-life devotion that develops over time and is fed by information and a selected high-brow entourage or alone and independent existence. Less exciting and flashy, the connoisseurs are the preservers of time and the keepers of the less glamorous corners of history. 

The Decorators

These aesthetes, are the least self-conscious of all collectors, with the most transparent intentions. For them, collection art is not a commercial endeavor or a scholarly quest; it’s more of a visual and gratifying activity. Although some could be under the category of this-would-look-great-in-my-living-room, some of them are just entranced by the visual pleasure they get from particular works of art, independently of their provenance, status, or even the artists. Reason or desire does not drive these individuals, but instinct. 

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

Proyectos Ultravioleta. Photo: Scoop Art

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