Upcoming art fairs in South America

Posted on Aug - 21 - 2019

From Berlin to Beirut, September is packed with exciting and unique art fairs that connect and invigorate the global art scene. In the upcoming month, Latin America is host to two major fairs happening in the Southern Cone that are sure to provide avid art enthusiast with their kick of original art. Here are two significant fairs happening in September in Colombia and Brasil. 


ArtBo 2019 Bogota, Colombia

September 18 - 22, 2019

Founded in 2004, ARTBO is the result of the Bogotá’s Chamber of Commerce efforts to create a platform for cultural exchange and to promote the regional art scene, as well as connecting artists and galleries with an international audience. The current director of the event is María Paz Gaviria, and since the beginning of her term in 2012, the fair has grown as to become the second-largest after Zona Maco in Mexico City. The fair is divided into different sections: Principal, Proyectos, and Referentes. 

This year, on its 15th edition, ARTBO will host over 50 International galleries, most of them hailing from Latin America. Additionally, for its third consecutive year, ARTBO invited young, and emerging galleries with having less than six years since their founding, under the category 21m2 in the Principal section. This year’s Proyectos section will be curated by Aaron Cezar with the title Performance in Practice, presenting the medium as a way of interpreting the world around us and the ways the concept ofperformativityis applied to everyday life. The section Referentes, explores works produced by artists who transcended boundaries and left their mark in the Latin American art history will be organized by Dutch curator and director of the KU Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, Krist Gruijthuijsen. 


courtesy: Semana

ArtRio 2019 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 

September 18 - 22, 2019

A younger fair that ARTBO, ArtRio was founded in 2011 and this year it will host its 9th edition at the Marina da Glória. What makes ArtRio stand out from other fairs alike, is its immersive experience. Not only does the fair showcases a selection of the best galleries in the region, but also it presents video art, workshops, books, and presents historical works of art such as Helio Oiticica’s “Cosmococa.” ArtRio is not only a fair, but its presence is felt through the whole year in the vibrant city, updating its agenda and continuously providing artworks to an online audience. 

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz


courtesy: Janela

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