Desde el Cielo

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“Desde el Cielo” or “From the Sky” is another installation of dollar coins that are turned up to form a bowl, these have been filled with holy water. Regarding this work Esquivel says: “As part of my practice, I teach young artists and on one occasion one of them said: here people expect everything to fall from the sky”; I don’t know if this expression can be taken as it is said, but what is certain is that many of those things come from the north in large suitcases or as receipts of remittances.

I am particularly interested in the use that people make of the money that comes through this means. The idea of the artwork is inspired by the process to sell coins as crafts, so that their value of exchange increases, a practice that is common in Guatemala.



Lives and works in El Salvador.

He graduated in fine arts from the National University of El Salvador. He has made residences in Nicaragua, Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica, USA and the UK.



2009 – X Cuenca Biennial, Ecuador; XXXI Pontevedra Biennial in Spain; I International Caribbean Triennial, Dominican Republic

2010 -XXXI Potevedra Biennial, Spain;  VI Central American Biennial, Nicaragua; The Change, World Bank in Washington and Paris; Second Exhibition of Latin American Art, Anahuacalli Museum and Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico; I International Triennal of the Caribbean, Dominican Republic.

2011 – Americas Art Fair, Miami; The day we became contemporary in Contemporary Art and Design Museum in San Jose, Costa Rica

2014 – IX Biennial of Central America, Guatemala

2015 – Exhibitions of the Glitch and Landscapes series in Guatemala; in Vienna, Austria with the series Relocating Sal in HilgerBROTKunsthalle Gallery; Luminato Festival in Toronto, Canada with the sample Exotic Canada as part of Art in Transit;  Videogram at the International Video Art Festival in Bogota, Colombia.

He has realized individual exhibitions in Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico and USA. His work is part of the collections in the Marte Contemporary Museum of El Salvador, The Theoretical Collection, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design in Costa Rica, private collections such as Cruz Diez, Sanziany & Palais Rasumofsky in Austria and the World Bank collection. Winner of the El Salvador Young Art Award in 2009 bye CCE/SV. Esquivel was nominated for the scholarships of Cisneros Collection from 2010 to 2014. He was awarded with Honorable Mention at the Awards & Auction, Rosas Botran Foundation at Space Expression Gallery, Miami in late 2015 and his work was acquired by the World Bank in 2017.