Prelibri 1

Cotton fabric embroidered by hand
Edition 3/3
2012 - 2013
5 H x 5 W in
12.7 H x 12.7 W cm

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The work of Abigail Reyes allows an approach to an intimate and silent experience. The use of embroidery and the demand for manual labor refer to the inheritance transmitted from a tradition considered feminine.

The appropriation of the seam, alludes also to the idea of the fragile from a kind of literary narration. A reading that brings us closer to absence and presence, to pain and forgiveness, from a cyclical vision as an experience of life.

The use of the object and materials as vestiges of memory, is tied with the use of the text and the word as an exercise of introspection and autobiographical reflection, a kind of whisper that reveals hidden truths. Each thread and each letter are a kind of gesture that allows to exorcise ghosts, evoke memories, repair damage, pursue memory. María José Chavarría



Lives and works in La Libertad, El Salvador. 



2018 – Write Three Times Each Line: Luis Poma Gallery. El Salvador.

2017 – 60 Word for Minute. Lokkus Gallery, Medellín, Colombia; Donde hubo fuego. Permanent exhibition. Museum of Art of El Salvador, San Salvador; Untitled. Extra Gallery, Guatemala.

2015 – Good Fortune. MARTE Museum, San Salvador, El Salvador; To Leave/To arrive. Manzanita Hall Gallery, California State University, Northridge .

2014 – Prelibri. Museum of Contemporary Art and Design. San José, Costa Rica.

2013 – Prelibri. Insitu/Space L, Cultural Center of Spain, San Salvador, El Salvador.



2018 – Video SUR: Palais de Tokyo, París.

2017 – First Day of Good Weather. Sies + Höke Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany; Sí Señor. Art Cologne with Sies + Höke Gallery, Germany.

2016 – The Host. Cinema Tonalá, Room Kubrick. Bogotá, Colombia; To Jump the Rope. Miami Art Week. Context. Miami; Untitled. Taimiao Art Gallery, China, Beijing; A Cielo Abierto. Sala Nacional de Exhibiciones, San Salvador, El Salvador.

2014 – Fabrikación 1. La Fábrika, La Libertad, San Salvador; My Universe will Die With Me. Cultural Center of Spain, San Salvador, El Salvador; 10: Guilt. MARTE Museum, San Salvador, El Salvador; Generación del Encierro. Teorética, San José, Costa Rica; Arte-Objetó. Alternative Projects Poporopo. Guatemala.

2012 – Esto no es una De-Generación. La Casa Tomada, San Salvador, El Salvador; Vitamin D. Cultural Center of Spain, San Salvador, El Salvador. 

2011 – Alegría Relacional. La Casa Tomada, Usulután-San Salvador, El Salvador.



– Y.ES Academy. Location: is independence possible?. La Libertad, El Salvador.

– Artist Y.ES Grant. To produce a solo show and travel.

– Ipsofacto Poetry Contest. Winner.

– Rapaces: “Relational prostheses”. A workshop on the art of performance and individual identity in a social context. San Marcos, Nicaragua.

– Rapaces: “Meaning Constructed, Meaning Found, a proposal from the audiovisual”. Diriamba, Nicaragua.