Serie Linea Aceguá 4

Painting on Canvas
39.4 H x 39.4 W in
100 H x 100 W cm

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Aceguá is the Uruguayan border town with the Brazilian locality that carries the same first name. The word comes from the language Guaraní ‘”yace-guab” which translates as the place of eternal rest, something more than 1500 people reside there. The demarcation line between the two States extends from the Aceguá villa up to the San Luis stream; a straight line of 37.2 kilometers. Pelenur decided to walk along this dry border, the most extensive frontier straight line in the Uruguayan territory. Without geographical features that justify the layout, this limit is direct verification of the artifice of the territorial definition of the states. Aceguá Line belongs to a series of works that Pelenur has been doing in the last years whose method has been called: Extractor. It’s about going over limits, perimeters, lines, points, axes to compose and extract data which is to form a gait index, an on-site study of the geometries that emerge from the cartographies. It uses walking as an aesthetic practice to produce maps, we wonder if this is what Pelenur tries to produce, a set of representations, that speak about territory and experience, geometry and chance.

Pelenur makes its direct commitment to the experience, his will was “… walk the line, camping and returning “and in this way to continue producing paint. When saying of Richard Long, understands his work as the essence of your experience, and not a representation her. Aceguá Line goes back over this idea one more time. Do not it is here to reconstruct the lived image but to use the language of painting and the installation to produce art, mobilize and try to get to that place of experience that connects us with the essence of the what we are or what we thought we were.  – Martin Craciun



Lives and works in Uruguay.



2015 – Project Log. Awarded the Competitive Fund for Culture of the National Culture MEC, Uruguay.

2012 – 2014 – Scholarship of creation FEFCA of the National Culture MEC, Uruguay.

2012 – Paul Cezanne Price. Alliance Françoise, Montevideo. National Price Painting, Bartolomé Macció, San José, Uruguay.

2011 – Bicentenary Prize Painting (selection). Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales, Montevideo.

2010 – Scholarship Award, Goethe Institute, Berlin. National Award for Visual Arts.



2016 – Group Show. “Amore e Scelta”. MIIT, Torino, Italy; Whale. Solo Show. Dodeca room, Montevideo, Uruguay; Group Show. Fishbowl. Punta del Este, Uruguay.

2015 – Group Show. Monochrome Undone. Sayago & Pardon Foundation. Los Angeles, USA; Group Show. ArtNexus Foundation, Bogotá, Colombia. Foundation; Group Show. New Dialogues. Alejandra VonHartz Gallery, Miami, USA; Collective sample. Materiateca. Museo Figari, Montevideo, Uruguay; Recent work. Piero Atchugarry Gallery. Garzon, Maldonado, Uruguay.

2014 – Collective exhibition. Pablo Atchugarry Foundation, Maldonado, Uruguay; Konkurso. Centro de Exposiciones Subte, Montevideo, Uruguay; Diagonal. Galería del Paseo. Manantiales, Maldonado, Uruguay.

2013 – Salto Biennial. Salto, Uruguay; System. Pablo Cassara Foundation. Buenos Aires; KIOSK, group show. Montevideo, Uruguay; Artemisa Gallery, group show, NY, USA.

2012 – Hand luggage, Migration Museum, Montevideo, Uruguay;  Voyeur extractor. Alliance Francaise. Montevideo, Uruguay; Geometric today. MACBA Collection. UADE Art, Buenos Aires Argentina; Plastic monitor. SUBTE. Municipal Exhibition Center. Montevideo, Uruguay; Lets Begin with a line. Emerson Dorsch Gallery. Miami, USA.