Master of all trades, Jack of none: The work of Rodrigo Santa Cruz Anchissi

Posted on July - 31 - 2018

Courtesy: Fundación Rozas Botran

Courtesy: Fundación Rozas Botran

There is a familiar figure of speech that’s been circulating since some time ago, probably any English speaker has heard it before, and it refers to a person who has dabbled in many fields and acquired various skills along the way. It goes like “Jack of all trades, master of none, but often better than master of one”. This aphorism could be the case for proficient individuals who excel not just in one discipline, but in various fields of knowledge.

Such is the case for the prolific Guatemalan artist Rodrigo Santa Cruz Anchissi. Not only is he a gifted sculptor, but he also has excelled as an academic professor, column writer, public official and designer. Although initially trained as a psychologist, Santa Cruz Anchissi has ventured into architecture and design, as well as being one of the founding members of the design project IN LAK’ECH. He accredits his beginnings with sculpture on the creations of this project, where he was the designer of this line for the brand Xalonik. His work has also included photographs where he captures and portrays the contemporary nature of Guatemala.

As an outspoken nationalist, Santa Cruz Anchissi never misses the opportunity to declare and translate his passion for his country and the stimulation he has received from its grandmasters. Every piece created by the artist is a homage paid to one of Guatemala’s most illustrious artists such as Celso Lara, Humberto Ak´Abal, Alux Nahual, Luis González Palma, Efraín Recinos and Carlos Mérida.

Although his incursions on the art world have taken place in recent years, he has already among his achievements a solo exhibition at Fundación Rozas Botrán entitled Introspecciones (“Introspections”). Additionally, his work is owned by private collections in Guatemala and Italy.

In his work, Santa Cruz Anchissi appropriates a geometric language where he synthesizes his pieces to the purest forms. The sculptures are the accumulation of shapes and forms, placed carefully to interact with each other, sometimes inviting the spectators to complete them mentally and charge them with their interpretations. As many contemporary artists before him, Santa Cruz Anchissi, occasionally appoints the construction of his sculptures to external artisans to conduct his concept.

His sculptures and pieces are passionate and invigorating, the product of a sensible artist who pays homages to his country and the great creators it has produced, while he joins the ranks as a prominent artist in his own right.

Be sure to keep an eye on his artistic evolution in the coming years, and don’t miss his work in Scoop Art, where we are proud to welcome this Jack of all trades.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz