Talent from the South! Three artists represented by Scoop Art

Posted on February - 28 - 2018

Courtesy: Liliana Iturriaga

Courtesy: Liliana Iturriaga

This week we take the opportunity to highlight the work of some amazing artists residing in South America represented by Scoop Art. If you haven’t done before, we urge you to check out their beautiful work, and how each of them has developed a personal style that sets their work apart.

Sara Slipchinsky – Argentina

The multifaceted Miss Slipchinsky is as much as a visual artist as a psychologist and psychoanalyst. She currently works developing engraving techniques. With a keen power of observation, the Argentinian artist has devoted her art to untangle the vast relations between the people and their surroundings, by creating works that challenge the role of the spectator and yet, retain an aesthetic coherence that makes them unique and appealing.

Without title, from the series “Erotic Paper”

Patricia Salomonde – Brasil

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Patricia Salomonde began painting in Buenos Aires, in 2003, where she lived for seven years. Graduated in Journalism, Patricia moved to Argentina, where she studied photography, sculpture, and painting at the National Museum of Fine Arts. Through experimentation, it didn’t take long for her playful style to emerge, with a pallet of vivid colors inspired by nostalgic images from Brazil and representing her longing for home.

“Arch 2”

Liliana Iturriaga – Chile

The Chilean artists studied design at BRIVIL of Caracas, Venezuela. She lived in Venezuela for more than thirty years that, a fact that can be perceived in her work which displays an evident influence from Kinetic Art. In her canvas geometric figures and arrangements appear to create harmonious compositions. In her series The Line she produces works with lean, pure overlapping linear structures that provide constant vibrations in its visual readings.

We invite you to view their work and explore their artistic trajectories. Although these talented artists come from different countries, their art can transcend geographic and cultural delineations.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

“Flotante 13”