The art of simplicity in the work of two artists

Posted on April - 4 - 2018

Rolando Monterrosa. Courtesy: the artist.

Rolando Monterrosa. Courtesy: the artist.

When you think about art, what pops up in your mind? The answer to that question can guide your judgment and interests and stir you in the directions of your go-to artists or find new and exciting works. As it has been the case for many years, preference for art can divide art lovers into two groups, the colorists and the more prone to lines, contours and drawings.  If you are in the latter group, you may be a fan of the simplicity of creating images with just simple visual elements, such as lines, dots, and simple textures. Drawings are true evidence of the skillfulness of artists and their unlimited creativity, in a way, drawings are quite intimate, saying more with fewer elements. If you feel like we do in Scoop Art, we recommend you to check out the work of two of our artists in Scoop Art, who have different styles but are both equally talented and creative in their drawings.

Rolando Monterrosa was born in San Salvador and has studied and worked abroad in institutions such as the National Art Center CENAR, in El Salvador, the National Academy of Fine Arts in San Alejandro, Cuba and the School of Lighting in Motivarte, Argentina. When asked about his fondness for drawing, he would respond: “each line is a trace of time and event. In my drawings and photographs, I try to find content rhythms and spaces, a convergence of bodies and intentions uncertainty left in the possibilities of human relationships.”

Rolando Monterrosa “Desaparecer II”

Luciano Goizueta is another artist whose creativeness can be perceived in his simple drawings. While appreciating one of his works, you can see that he draws with a steady hand, a piece of his imagined world, infused with his creativity. Each piece is a story of its own that can be opened for any interpretation. Being born and studied in Costa Rica, Goizueta studied architecture and graphic arts at the “Instituto Tecnológico Costarricense” and the “Universidad Nacional”.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

Luciano Goizueta “Una Sola Idea”