The endless possibilities of Digital Art Galleries: Why you should start browsing the internet for a digital gallery

Posted on June - 12 - 2018

The digital world has become the limitless reflection of our analog bounded reality. As Hardin’s tragedy of the commons does not apply to the ethereal, immediate and renewable nature of the Internet, firms, and individuals have relied ever more on digital platforms to conduct their economic transactions and social interactions. As a measure of survival and keeping up with global changes, the art industry has not sat down on this opportunity.

Before, throughout centuries, art was shown hanging on the walls of a local gallery, in the corner of an artist’s studio, or at a renowned museum. These days, with the proliferation of artists, galleries, fairs, and museums, there is an appetite for art as never before. However, these vibrant conditions also present threats to galleries, which have to juggle between paying high rents, participating in fairs and other overhead expenses that pile up and cripple their capacities to recover from losses when tough months come along.

Here is where the digital world presents an ideal alternative for art galleries to show their art. Besides aiding up-and-coming galleries and artists to display art to a broader audience only a click away, online art buying also presents new advantages for consumers as well.

Previously, going to an art gallery could be quite off-putting for someone interested in buying their first artwork. Although art is one of the purest forms of expression and human brilliance, the atmosphere that surrounds it can be quite pretentious and hermetic to newcomers. For those who prefer to buy art in a low-key manner, this is when online galleries become a welcoming platform for dilettantes seeking to avoid the paraphernalia of physical galleries.

As online galleries promise their buyers more anonymity, ease, and independence, it also provides them support in the form of advisors. The curated selections found in online galleries is not the same offered in other online marketplaces, where supply and quality varies and can be inconsistent. Great online galleries provide a selection of artists that they are interested in promoting and deem adequate for representation. So again, buyers have high-quality works and the support of a gallery, that although it doesn’t sit across you within its four white walls, it still main objective is to connect artists with potential collectors.

Being an online gallery, Scoop Art prides itself on fitting into the previous description and encourage any art enthusiast to browse what is out there and take advantage of the endless possibilities of the digital art world.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz