The sensuous lines of Liliana Iturriaga

Posted on June - 27 - 2018

Courtesy: the Artist

Op Art has left an evident influence in Venezuela and with that a whole generation of artists whose work is charged and influenced by the stern lines and solid colors that play and entice the spectator’s senses. This style aimed at mastering the arrangement and intricate relations between colors, lines, and shapes to produce dynamism in the statics and depth and volume in flat surfaces.

The work of Chilean artist Liliana Iturriaga falls into the style of Op Art, as well as kinetic art. Having lived a for over 30 years and conducting her studies in the city of Caracas, Venezuela, she first encountered not only geometrism but also movement and dynamism found in the work of kinetic artists like Jesús Rafael Soto and Carlos Cruz-Diez.

The work of Iturriaga is a subtle dance between a dynamic language and her voice. As she returned to Santiago de Chile, she began to integrate herself with the city’s cultural environment, engaging with other artists as a professor and continuing her research and production. Her work is characterized by movement incorporating gestures, spontaneity, and fluidity. Through sinuous lines the artist intends to emulate a corporal moment, transmitting energy and emotion through sensuous ripples that intertwine and react among themselves.

Courtesy: the Artist

In one of her series The Sinuosity of Lines, Iturriaga depicts through paintings her fascination with lines and masterfully represents the versatility of such a primary visual element. The chromatic juxtapositions between line and the background present an abstract yet expressive liaison between color and other simple elements.

Also, Iturriaga has appropriated the shape of the circle in the form of an acrylic board and plays with textures and lines, enrapturing the spectators to immerse in her hypnotic compositions, where circles seem to move and melt against the dripping background.

A prolific artist, Iturriaga’s work includes paintings, drawings, and installations. With her knowledge of kinetic art, she entices the senses and bends perceptions to create both intellectual stimulation as well as an emotional reaction. Her work has gained attention and has been exhibited in the Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago de Chile and other significant institutions in Chile as well as abroad.

In Scoop Art we welcome you to follow her work since it always promises to mesmerize and leave us wanting more.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

Courtesy: the Artist