Three ways the internet can help art collectors

Posted on March - 20 - 2018

Since the boom of the Internet, the last couple of decades have seen the move from traditional sales, relying on shops and face-to-face interactions between customers and sellers, to a digital marketplace where goods are exchanged in a whole different way. This trend has also managed to infiltrate itself in one of the most impermeable industries, the art world, where a new generation of online collectors is stepping up to the plate. Here are three ways in which you, as a collector or a curious art enthusiast can use the Internet to your advantage and find the artworks that are perfect for you.

  1.   Visit online shops

Following one of the premises in the collectors’ commandments: “Thou shalt buy art you like”, purchasing a work of art should not be limited by the amount of money you have to invest. The Internet is now offering an overwhelming amount of online galleries, which provide a wide range of prices for every type of collector.  Either it is the all-encompassing Artsy or a smaller online gallery in the other side of the world, the Internet is an infinite place to find galleries that cater to your needs, where the key to success in finding the right artwork is just to have patience and look in the right places.

  1.   Be active on Instagram

All thought Pinterest is another great platform and you can find many exciting artworks, the social network that is leading the race is Instagram. In this visual maze, galleries, artists and curators have the opportunity to boost their work in an organized and a curated display. Multiple galleries from Saatchi in London to the Whitney in New York have cultivated impressive Instagram followers. But this platform is not only a place for galleries to show their work, but is also a way in which artists can present their art. Before, many artists relied on galleries to represent them, and were often overlooked, but not anymore. Not only can artists be discovered by collectors in Instagram, but also by galleries.

Courtesy: Artflute

  1.   Do your research

To reiterate what we said above, the Internet is overflowing with information. Even with the coming of fake news, our reliance on the internet as one of the primary sources of information is embedded in our culture. Serious collectors use to be informed by consultants and curators, that would, in many cases, charge a hefty fee or have ulterior motives for choosing certain artists. Now, those days are coming to an end, since collectors can do their research on the artists they find attractive, regardless of their intention to buy certain works. This digital age makes collectors more autonomous as to what they want to collect.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz