Why is acrylic so great? The medium in the work of three artists

Posted on July - 3 - 2018

Luciano Goizueta. Courtesy: the artist

Luciano Goizueta. Courtesy: the artist

Unlike traditional media used by artists, such as oil, watercolors, and pastels, acrylics have a complex chemistry that took almost 50 years to develop. The first ever acrylic cover was produced more than 70 years ago in 1927 by Leonard Bocour and was called Magna. This solvent-based acrylic was very popular with artistic movements such as Abstract Expressionism in the 1950s’, and subsequently color field paintings, hard-edge painting, and Pop Art.  Some of the artists that quickly adopted this new medium were Roy Lichtenstein and Frank Stella. It is no surprise that since the past century, acrylic has begun to displace oil and other mediums, due to its excellent optical clarity, splendid light stability, excellent adhesion, elasticity and its resistance towards ultraviolet and chemical degradation. Creative wonders can be done with this versatile material and its possibilities for transparency and brilliance of color make it a favorite among artists.

In Scoop Art we are great admirers of acrylic paintings, and we are fascinated by its vast potential and, especially, how each artist can wield it to his or her creativity and artistic prowess. Among our selection of artists, many of them have employed this versatile medium and mastered it to produce engaging works of art. Here are some artists who often or mainly use acrylic in their work and combine them with other materials.


Patricia Salamonde 

The Brazilian artist whose artistic career started in Buenos Aires has produced a varied array of artworks that are united by her passion for bright colors, which reminisce about her deep roots with Brazilian culture. Quoting Brazilian painter Gonçalo Ivo “I believe that there is a hidden geometry that underlines all the organic structures in the world,” Salamonde explores the geometric construction of organic shapes. Her combination of geometry and chromatic compositions, make acrylic her best ally in the creation of her dynamic arrangements.

Patricia Salamonde’s studio. Courtesy: the artist

Efraín Cruz 

Since Salvadorian artist Efrain Cruz’s style draws inspiration and continually refers to Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism, is only to be expected that the young artist would prefer the use of acrylic following the tradition of this styles. Within Pop Art, he undertakes everyday images recreating compositions, making a collage of images; in Abstract Expressionism, he uses the technique of dripping making a final form between the idea and what is concrete. However, although acrylic would be the obvious choice, Cruz also combines this medium with its traditional counterpart, oil, with the intention of better cohering his colorful depictions. In works such as She’s the Art, Cruz’s artistry can be seen as his vibrant colors combine skillful figuration with other more abstract and inconclusive elements.

Efraín Cruz. Courtesy: the artist

Luciano Goizueta 

Although Costar Rican artist Luciano Goizueta is mostly recognized for his skilled and imaginative drawings, his proficiency and versatility as an artist can be appreciated in other of his other works. As a multitalented artist, having trained as an architect, as well as music and graphic design Goizueta has an able hand and resourceful eye. Characterized by his contrast between monochromatic drawings and vivid interventions Microcosmos XXVIII is an example of the range that acrylic has and the creativity with whom he uses it. The dynamic and fluid background contrasts with the segmented print-like drawing on top of it.

Scoop Art offers many more talented artists who have mastered the technique of acrylic. Be sure to check our other artists in our selection to find who’s your favorite one.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

Luciano Goizueta “Microcosmos XXVIII”