Word, meanings, and images: The ethereal work of Abigail Reyes

Posted on June - 4 - 2018

Word, meanings, and images are entwined in the ethereal work of Abigail Reyes.  In Scoop Art we welcome you to get acquainted and enwrapped in the work of this Salvadorian artist. Although a graphic designer by trade, Reyes’s abundant talents led her to excel and immerse in other artistic expressions such as poetry and art. As part of her artistic trajectory, Reyes has taken part in several artist residency programs throughout Central America and participated in both collective exhibitions as well as having solo shows at Luis Poma Gallery, El Salvador; Lokkus Gallery, Medellín; Extra Gallery, Guatemala City and the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, San Jose, Costa Rica.

In her work, Reyes gives away her interest in traditional craftsmanship like sewing, typewriting, fortune telling and much more, which she regards as techniques that are relegated to an inferior category compared to the fine arts.  Through her appropriations of forgotten disciplines, Reyes signifies words and methods and infuses them with new meanings. Working on site-specific, sculptures, texts and other mediums, Reyes also deals with themes such as migration in her work To Leave – To Arrive. More recently, drawing on personal experiences she created a body of work that included installations, videos, and text-based works for the exhibition “60 Word per Minute” at the Lokkus Gallery. In this works the artist made a critique on the gender-related inequalities in the Salvadorian workplace, where secretaries are the representation of an antiquated but pervasive stereotype.

Abigail Reyes “Repeticiones”

The work of Abigail Reyes is powerful and poetic, universal and personal and most of all meaningful. In Scoop Art we are admirers and followers of Reyes fruitful career, and we welcome you to follow her artistic trajectory.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

Abigail Reyes “Prelibri 5”